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Why Become A Silver Coin Buyer

Silver coin buyers are individuals or entities who purchase silver coins for various reasons, including investment, numismatic interest, or collection. Their importance lies in bolstering the market for silver coins, contributing to price stability, supporting collectors and investors, and preserving historical and cultural value associated with these coins, thus playing a vital role in the silver market ecosystem.


Hi everybody my name is John Fischer, welcome to I want to talk about silver coin buyers, you know when I think about silver coin buyers I think about the silver eagles, I think about morgan silver dollars and it all depends on what kind of particular product you’re selling and you know by giving me that information I can help you out a lot. Now I’m going to give an example of a coin buyer and we have maybe 150,000 of them I got 36,000 maybe four or five months ago. I haven’t sold them one time yet you know it’s kind of slow out there right now, but I got to tell you something these are coin buyers they were generated by TV, radio, and the internet they’re hot and they’re great for direct mail and we love them. We’ve been buying them for years I think there’s a fourth year I bought them from the source that spends a ton of money on leads and he’s smart he takes his leads calls them two different times and then sells them to me and then he generates additional money to pump back into his advertising which I think is smart. I wouldn’t do it to you call them two full times but after that you know I mean really what are you doing it’s money in the bank that you could be using that’s another story. If you have the sales force and that’s so important you know last couple of years I’ve been really really kind of like not happy with a lot of the people out there as far as the salespeople they’re hiring they can’t help it. I mean it’s really really rough and tough why do you think I’m a one-man operation for years and years and years I have tried to find someone who has the same work ethic I have the same person has the closing abilities I have and it’s been just terrible man it’s a self-entitlement you know this like they don’t want to do the hard work you know they don’t want they don’t want to dial the numbers they want lay downs and they don’t want to build a book. I mean preaching to the choir you know what I’m talking about the B salesman I would sell the coin buyers those are three thousand dollar guys fifteen hundred dollar guys five thousand dollar guys you know they’re not hard to close. They’ll get deals they’ll give each other a high five and hopefully build some momentum and continue to become a better broker, but the good stuff the oil and gas accredited investors are 25 to 50 thousand dollars minimum those I would give to the a team and I would talk 25,000-50,000$ portfolios is what i would talk about not one single coin. So depending on what you’re doing in this particular case we’re talking about silver coin buyers you know if they’re just going to be individual silver coins like morgan silver dollars stick to the coin buyers, but if you’re going to sell silver bags or you’re going to start selling uh you know rolls of ms-70 you know not rolls with ms-70 silver eagles or anything like that. I would definitely go with the accredited investors they have a lot more money and I believe they have a big safe full of guns ammo and precious metals and they want more they want to add more to it. The leads are 50 cents apiece thousand dollars a minimum I have 1.3 million litigators these are the professional dnc guys that are just you know they don’t even call the FTC for the do not call they shake you down they blackmail you and they’re real troublemakers and I mean I won’t sell you those names. I have them it’s a lot of money I’m not making, but I don’t care because once you get hit with one of those you’re done you know they just drive you crazy and I tell you it takes a heart out of me I’ve had some people call me up and what should I do? Tell them you buy your leads from me and you won’t have that kind of headaches it’s ridiculous you know it’s amazing that goes on, but you gotta understand something if you sell coins the Federal Trade Commission is your daddy they’re the regulator you know. So I would definitely make sure you have a SAN number but the problem is that 250 million people on the do not call who are we calling there’s no one left out there you know I mean if I go to my database and totally clean it against a do not call 50-100,000 names I got leftover I mean it’s definitely a game changer. I’ve been on do not call for since it’s the inception I get 20 phone calls a freaking day and 90 of them are wrong numbers. How the FTC lets that happen a, b how the phone company lets somebody go into their caller id and punch in a disconnected number and allow it to dial the number that pisses me off. That’s where the regulation should be going on but that’s a different story. If you have any questions at all we’ve got the leads we’ve been in business 30 years A+ rating. I’ve sold precious metals before I was a commodity broker you know I’m not just some guy who hustles leads I’m a closer and I know what I’m doing.

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