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Hi, everybody. John Fischer. Welcome to coinleads.com. I set this website up for you guys that are selling IRA bullion, you guys that are selling numismatic coins, for you guys that are selling the silver Eagles, the gold Eagles, the gold Buffalos, the (my favourite) the Saint-Gaudens. I like the Saint-Gaudens high relief coins. Those things are beautiful. Any of those at all, we have ‘em. We have 50,000 of ‘em. They’re a dollar apiece. And they’re absolutely clients. They’re not people that requested information. These are client lists from firms that went out of business. And they produce very, very well. We’ve got about six different ones. If you call me specifically, I’ll tell you what they are and make sure you don’t already have ‘em. They’re a dollar apiece, a thousand dollar minimum. If you get up over 5000, I drop down to 50 cents. So, think about it. You buy 5000 leads for twenty-five hundred dollars, that’s a great deal, especially, I don’t know what your mark-up is, what your breakeven is, but it won’t take a lot of sales, you know, to break even. So, that’s the coin leads. That’s the numismatic or the bullion leads.

Now, I’m gonna let you in on a big secret. Before, maybe the last two years, I had one of the biggest people in Minnesota, and he specifically and only bought oil-and-gas accredited investors. That’s all he ever bought. And he rolled big numbers. He had a huge organization. And I gotta tell you something, if you wanna try something new that you haven’t tried before, they’re also a dollar. Instead of only having 50,000, I’ve got over 200,000. They’re qualified for 25,000. You’re not gonna get ‘em excited selling them one coin for 800 bucks, and you know what, you’re gonna make a lot more money because you’re gonna sell a lot more coins. You don’t have to mark ‘em up as high to make money. And these guys will do 25,000, 50,000-type deals. That’s what they did for this guy. His opener was, I believe, was $10,000. So it’s a lot better than a lot of you guys open with one lousy coin for 6,7,$800. That doesn’t work.

The last thing is if you have a good connection and you get your hands on portfolios, I’ve got these Big Dogs. They’ve got their own website- bigdogs.tv. They have been qualified by an oil-an-gas guy for a quarter-million dollars; they have five million in investable assets. A guy like that is not gonna have a problem flat out buying a 100 ounce gold bar, or buying a 5000 ounce bar of silver. And you know what, for every thousand you spend, I give you a $100 for free. And, you know what, you don’t have to mark it up so high. You know, there may be a small mark-up on it, but so what? Once you ship that guy a 5000 ounce bar of silver or a 100 ounce of gold, I mean, the guy’s gonna buy more from ya. You know, once that truck goes away and he’s got that bar in his hand and he sees it’s the real deal, he’s got a lot more money, you know, so I think you should continue doing what you do, but step out of that box and spend at least a $1000, my minimum, on these accredited investors: 25 to 50 minimum; they have at least 200,000 income last two years; a million net worth, these guys have, without their home, and these guys have actually been vetted by a broker. So this isn’t like some guy coming off a opt-in ad or something like that. Again, the numismatic coin buyers is a dollar, the accredited investor is a dollar, the Big Dogs are $5; for every thousand you spend, you get a hundred Big Dogs for free. If you have any questions, gimme a call. John Fischer- 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.