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Hi, everybody. Welcome to And if you’re looking for gold and silver bullion buyers, this is the place. What’s a bullion buyer? The guy’s buying ten ounce or kilos of gold, or he’s buying a thousand ounces of silver or five thousand ounces of silver. Maybe he’s buying the silver bags. Everyone we have is a person that has bought numismatic coins, whether it’s Eagles, which is a form of bullion, or have bought the Saint-Gaudens; they’ve bought the gold Eagles or they bought bars. That’s what we specialize is in people that are gold and silver bullion buyers. Remember, those Eagles, the gold Eagles and the silver Eagles, even though some of ‘em are graded and they carry the additional numismatic value because they may be uncirculated or whatever. Bottom line is it’s still a bullion.
So, if you’re looking for gold and silver bullion buyers, whether it’s 5000oz of silver, 100 ounce bar of gold, we have those types of buyers. Not only in the numismatic buyers list, but also in the accredited investor list. Believe me- these accredited investors have a lot of money, and I think they like the idea of having bullion in their safe.
We have these Big Dogs, by the way, that have a quarter-million minimum. Those guys will do 5000 ounce of silver, deliver it to the house, or a 100 ounce bar of gold delivered to the house. So, remember, we’ve got the people that have bought numismatic coins; that’s one list. We have accredited investors. Both of those are a dollar apiece. And then we have the Big Dogs, the quarter-million dollar guys, that can afford a whole 5000 ounce bar of silver or a whole 100 ounce bar of gold, those are $5 apiece. So you got the Big Dogs- 5 bucks; you’ve got the accredited investor– a dollar; and you’ve got the numismatic and bullion coin buyers-a dollar. A thousand dollar minimum.
If you have any questions, call me- 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time, and God bless.


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