Hi Everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Coinleads.com. Let’s talk about buying silver coins. We sell numismatic, coin buyers, and coin buyers. We have a database of over a million names that come from TV, radio, and direct mail.

Buying Silver Coins

We’ve been in business for 32 years. We have an A plus rating. I’m the owner of the company. John Fisher and silver coins. Usually, we’re talking about silver Eagles, possibly Morgan, silver dollars, silver bags, and stuff like that.


We sell our leads at 2000 leads for $0.50 apiece, $1,000 10,000 at we drop down to you’re talking about 20,000 leads, $7,000. The leads are scrubbed against the do not call. If you have a sand number, we’ll do it for free.

If you don’t have a sand number, we’ll show you how to get one. If you don’t want to get a sand number, we’ll have you sign the exemption letter. The letter pretty much states, the indemnification states that you’re responsible for anything that happens.

We’re not making the phone call. You’re making the phone call. And the law reads that you’re supposed to make sure that the people are not on the Do Not Call, and it requires a Sam number. So you have to register.

And it’s a big deal. We have an in-house 1.4 million troublemakers. These are DNC, litigators, strokers, and just bad people. And I’ll tell you what, it’s a good us. No one else has it not that big. And I think in 32 years, we’ve had maybe two cases of people that got a problem.

And both cases, they didn’t buy the leads from me. And, boy, that gave me a huge leverage over these people. And they said, Well, Joe, can you help me out? Because, you know, these guys are terrifying.

They’ll blackmail you. They’ll say I’m on the Do Not Call and if you don’t give me $8,000 I’m going to call the Federal Trade Commission. And you know, I’ve had some real big guys that I’ve always respected and thought they were like these guys are big dogs and they were shivering like, like little snowflakes, you know.

John, help me, help me. Can you please help me? So it’s pretty terrifying to, to run up against one of these guys and, and we pretty much, you know, handle it. We know one guy, we called the FBI.

I mean he was, he was trying to blackmail one of my clients for $8,000. The other one was much easier to take care of. But we take those people out and you know, we have 600,000 that came off of court records and the majority come from people calling me up.

My customers say, John, get this guy’s name off your list. He’s such an idiot. You’re going to piss off your clients. And I say thank you very much. And I’ve given him some free leads for that. I’m always looking for people like that.

I don’t want to sell you idiots like that that will make your life miserable. We’ve got some other stuff going on. You’re talking about the telecoms changing your caller ID from your regular number to suspected spam.

You’ve got the Apple app silence call? I happen to have it and that sucks. If you call somebody up and they’re not in their phone book or their contacts, it goes straight to Silence Call and doesn’t even hit the voicemail.

I would say landlines are almost gone. I would say out of every 2000 leads I sell you 1001, 200, 800, right in that area are iPhones and probably 90% of them have that feature turned on. So unfortunately there’s no way of finding out who’s who.

But when you buy 2000 leasemen you’re lucky to get a hold of 1000 names. We don’t sell Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama, or Minnesota. You have to register California we hate.

We’re waiting for it to slide into the ocean and they’re so. But the bottom line is that we do everything we can to protect you guys. But when it comes to, you know, buying coins, these are the leads, you know, that you want to have.

Whether you’re selling silver eagles, whether you’re selling Morgan silver dollar rolls, silver bars, thousand-ounce silver bars, whatever it is, they all fall into the same category, coin buyers. And those are fifty cents a name.

They come in at around 1000 to maybe $5,000. They usually open up the first coin 1501, 200, 800, or whatever. Maybe they’ll top out at 10,000. And then you have the accredited investors. These are 200,000 income million net worth, not including their home experience in managing their portfolio.

25,000 minimum. And those guys can handle a kilo of gold. They could handle a 1000-ounce bar of silver. They could handle a roll of silver eagles, they could handle a silver bag. That’s the kind of people that we have.

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