Hi my name is John Fisher, welcome to coinleads.com. I wanna talk about coin buyer, and that’s what we specialize in. When I do oil and gas stuff and I’m really strong in oil and gas, I do have client list, but the majority of my stuff is people that have been vetted by a broker dealer, they are accredited, they have 25 to 50, and they’re mailed private placement memorandum. When it comes to gold and bullion, I only buy client list. Once in a while, I may get some response 90% of my database, the coin buyer happens to be people that actually bought. We saw them anyway from $2 to $.50 a piece. I’ve got a company out of West Coast that went out in 2014. I’m selling those 5,000 for a quarter. You got rookies. These guys confirmed. I have a date stamp and timestamp, confirmed IRA and confirm numismatic coins, eagles graded eagles but they’re still numismatic coins. So that’s a great file for your rookies. 50 cents a piece, most of the time $1,000 minimum. We have our litigators list which is 1.3 million. Those are all trouble makers, I keep that updated. If you have stand number, I’ll scrub it. You don’t have a stand number, I’ll get you one. If you don’t wanna get one, you’ll sign my indemnity, but I will not scrub leads. What else? basically that’s it. We’ve been in business 30 years, A+ rating, and I’m a one-man operation. You don’t have to worry about 30 guys selling the same names over and over and over again. If you have any questions at all, feel free to call at 561-239-0364. Coinleads.com your precious metals buyers.

Coin buyer

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