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Coin Lead

Hey everybody, my name is John Fisher, welcome to What do we do at We sell coin leads. What’s a coin lead? A coin lead is someone that has bought a numismatic coin, it’s a client list and that’s all we sell. In most of the other arenas and being the mothership, we sell oil and gas, we sell accredited investors, on this particular site, we only advertise coin leads.

Now, we have 70 thousand people that have bought numismatic coins. Now, some of them may have been the Eagles that they graded, you know, MS 70s, MS 69s, there may be saint coins in there, you know, I mean when I say numismatic coins it could be all the above, it’s a graded coin. Bullion coin are in there, yes, do we have some people that have bought bullion IRA? Yes. So, when you talk to us be specific, “hey John, I like the bullion stuff, that’s what I want to buy” and then we’ll point you to that database, we have about 30 thousand of ‘em. Or you can say “hey John, we only want numismatic buyers”, everything I sell you is a numismatic buyer, so when people say to me “these people aren’t buyers” trust me, I only buy numismatic coin buyers and the beauty of numismatic coin buyer, he’s kind of like a squirrel, you know, he’s got like the shiny coins that he keeps in the safe. If you call him up and you sell the same shiny coin he already has, he’s not going to buy it from you but if you sell something to him that he doesn’t have in his collection, it’s the only client that you can sell over and over again and it doesn’t hurt the list.

I’ve got two lists that I was getting 5 percent, people are closing 5 percent of the list, I have two of these lists, it’s just amazing, they’re just buyers. So, if you buy these leads, if your market is not up too high, these people are starting to get an education, they’re understanding, you know, what’s a decent mark up and what’s a rip off, so you know, if the guy is not buying from you it could be your market is up too high, that’s up to you. But the bottom line is every guy I sell you, you is the numismatic coin buyer, that’s what you bought from me.

So, if you have any questions at all, give me a call, John Fisher: 561-981-8777, have a beautiful day. By the way, the price is a dollar apiece, one thousand dollars minimum, we break it into 250 each of four different files to let you test them all out, you have get back us and say “John, these we like, this we don’t like, these really suck”, if something really sucks, it’s brand new I just got it, you weren’t the first guys calling it, I’ll replace it with what you do like. Disconnect the numbers, you get two for one, idiots you get two for one. So, we’ve got your back. Again, remember the mother ship is We’ve been in business 27 years and we have an A plus rating.

If you have any questions call me, John Fisher: 561-981-8777.


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