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Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to We’re gonna talk about coin buyers. What’s a coin buyer? A coin could be anything from a silver dollar- it could be a Morgan silver dollar; it could be a Indian head; it could be a Buffalo, a gold Buffalo; it could be a Saint-Gaudens. I like the Saint-Gaudens high relief. Matter of fact, I tell a lot of my guys that sell numismatic coins, ‘Hey, I’d rather be paid in gold and silver than in dollars. And I’ve got quite a bit of coins sitting in this safe coin buyers are people that buys the actually coins themselves. Now some of these coins could be considered bullions- the silver Eagles, and so on. But, for the most part, a coin usually refers to something that has numismatic value.
Bottom line is, you know,  The beauty about coins as opposed to bullion is that the bullion carries its intrinsic value, whatever gold of silver’s spot is that day. The coins, and it’s not just the silver Eagle, any silver Eagle, and it just weighs what it weighs, but something that has that numismatic value maybe an MS63 or an MS65 or uncirculated MS70, then there’s an additional value added. So, not only does it have whatever the price of gold or silver is spot that day, but depending on how fine and how well that coin rates, and how rare it is, there’s an additional value to it.
So, the reason we’re looking for coin-buyers is these are the kinda people that want that extra kick in the price, not just the price of spot, but hey, this is a rare coin, this coin’s in great condition, and I want that extra value, that numismatic value that comes with it. So, if you’re looking for coin-buyers, we got ‘em. We got 50,000 of ‘em. They’re a dollar apiece, $1000 minimum, and these people have all bought coins. If you have any questions, call me: John Fischer- 561-239-0364.

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