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Importance of Precious Metals Buyers

“Welcome to our video article on the significance of precious metals buyers in today’s market. Precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum, hold immense value and are crucial in various industries. Exploring the role of discerning buyers in this domain is essential for understanding their impact on global economies and investments. Let’s delve into this insightful discussion.”
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Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to I want to talk about precious metals buyers these are only two things I sell and that’s the accredited investors maybe 90 oil and gas these are people that have been vetted by a broken dealer qualified for 25k to 50,000 dollars and then mailed them a private place memorandum. You may not think that that’s a good list precious metal buyers, but they are and they work very well and they do twenty-five thousand at a time as opposed to buying three or five thousand ten thousand dollars worth of coins uh so those are pretty hot uh we also have the uh numismatic coin buyers which are three five thousand dollar guys we have people that have bought ira’s for gold. You know gold IRA’s I’ve got a client list of 7,600. I got an older one of 22,000 you know a guy who bought before will buy again, especially in 2014 or four or five years ago this guy has seen a tremendous move in the market and believe me they’re easy to close. I used to sell precious metals and I loved it I’m a buyer of platinum right now I can’t believe how low platinum is platinum’s at 830 and gold’s at 1700 I mean it’s crazy uh I’ll be accumulating that platinum but anyway what’s important for you guys to understand is that the people in your room your sales people unfortunately twenty percent of them run eighty percent of the business the other eighty percent the weak sisters the b team or whatever. You got to give them something so they can keep their momentum going and build them into bigger guys and that confidence comes from closing deals he’s going have an easier time closing a three, five, or ten thousand dollar guy won’t make as much money, but still the victory of a close. It gives them momentum and they can go from there, but you’re a team I would absolutely go with the accredited investors, these oil and gas guys fifty thousand to a hundred thousand dollars. I mean instead of talking single coins so I’m talking about portfolios or ten sets of ten you know ten Saint Gaudens. Saint Gaudens high relief whatever it is you’re selling you know and these guys will go for it another thing about these oil and gas guys they’ll buy 100 ounces of gold they’ll buy 5,000 ounces of silver all day long. Once that Wells Fargo truck leaves the place they say you’re legit they got that brick or those bricks in their hand and they put it in their vault. Next time you call back it’s going to be a lot easier to do a transaction with them and then the fun will begin so he wants to make sure he gets his stuff and b he wants to make sure you don’t rate them. You know make sure you give them a nice markup so you know that the higher the deal the bigger the money of course the smaller you go on your market but still be happy and make it a win-win situation. One thing about these guys is they’re smart okay so they’re going to do the due diligence they’re going to shop you and you’re not going to be able to do that 10 or 20 over the spot they’re too smart for that maybe the coin guys can do that but you know what as far as what the percentages are and you know how much you’re charging or whatever you know whatever’s going on that’s up to you. I would do the right thing but I’m just telling you from a person like me that sells leads and has run rooms and started many rooms and owned many rooms before. The bottom line is longevity the bottom line is it’s not how much you make is how much they let you keep so that’s something I would think about without getting into any more good stuff if you’re looking for uh precious metal buyers I’ve got the numismatic coin buyers, I’ve got the ira gold buyers shows the ira name and how much they put in, I’ve got another company that went out of business back in 2014, 22,000 names. I’ve got the stuff then of course I’ve got my own gas stuff I’ll give you diversity. I think if you look at my the mothership and you look at the testimonials you’ll see a lot of you know people really love those leads.


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