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In a world driven by economic uncertainties, exploring alternative avenues for income generation has become imperative. Precious metals, historically revered for their intrinsic value and stability, are emerging as a compelling option for investors seeking diversification. This article delves into the dynamic realm of precious metals, uncovering their unique attributes and the potential they hold as an alternative source of income. From gold’s timeless allure to silver’s industrial applications, we navigate the intricacies of this market and shed light on how astute investors can harness the power of precious metals to fortify their financial portfolios. Join us on a journey through the glittering prospects of an often overlooked yet promising investment landscape.

Hi, everybody. My name is John Fisher. Welcome to Coinleads.com. So let’s talk about precious metals. You know, Coinleads.com is specifically designed for the precious metals industry. So whether you’re looking for new schematic coins that happen to be graded Pcgs, Ms, seventy S, and so on, you’re looking just for plain old gold bullion or just a gold eagle, silver eagle, platinum eagle that’s not graded or you’re looking for a kilo gold or 100oz of gold or 1000 ounce borrow silver.

We have the right leads for you. So let’s talk about the higher stuff, the more expensive stuff, the heavier of all of them, the accredited investor. Fifty cents a piece, 2000 minimum, $1,000 10,000 at piece Fort Grand.

These people will buy 25,000 minimum worth of gold, silver, and platinum. Whether you’re selling bars, whether you’re selling portfolios, whatever it is, they have the money. And like I said before, $25,000 minimum at least the commission that your salesman will make on a $25,000 deal, it’s going to be much much better than what they’re going to make on the one coin at a time type of lead, which happens to be the Newman’s Magic Coin buyers or the coin buyers.

Those guys, they’ll buy 801 $500 to $3,000 coins. So again, the commission is so much greater on the bigger stuff. But your salesman and lately it’s very very hard to find good salesmen afraid to ask for money.

So they’re more comfortable getting the little onesies and Tuesdays and getting something up on the board as opposed to investing their time and their knowledge and their trade on closing these bigger people.

So if you’re selling precious metals, whether it’s buoyant and you want big numbers, you want guys to have big portfolios, you want to use the accredited investors. If you’re looking for, you have a salesman that just you know what?

We’re just trying to get some momentum in the room. And we don’t mind if it’s 800, 1500 to 3000. You would want to buy the newly matte coin buyers. We’ve got over 3000 of those. We have over a million credit investors and they will definitely meet your needs when it comes to buying precious metals, whether it’s graded numismatic, whatever the case may be.

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