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Precious-Metal Buyers

Hi, my name is John Fischer. Welcome to We’re gonna talk about precious-metal buyers. What’s a precious-metal buyer? I mean it’s a guy that buys silver, gold, it could be platinum. Bottom line is the people that we sell happen to be exactly that. We only sell client lists. There are people that, pretty much, for the most part, have sold, have been sold numismatic coins. But a lot of them, maybe 40% of my list, did open up with an IRA for at least $10,000, so they are buying bullion or, in this case, precious metals through IRA. But they’re also buying precious metals through numismatic coins.

So, if you’re looking for precious-metal buyers, we have ‘em. Everyone we have is a precious-metal buyer, whether it’s numismatic coins, whether it’s bullion, or whether it’s the IRAs in the bullion sector, the bottom line is they’re great leads, and they work very, very well. Remember, these guys are previous buyers. There’s nothing better than a check-writer. If you have any questions, let me know. Precious-metal buyers, this is where you get ‘em. 561-239-0364. Thank you for your time, and God bless.

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