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Hi everybody, my name is John Fisher, welcome to Let’s talk about numismatic coins. What are numismatic coins? You can take a look at it straight up description. A numismatic coin would be a coin that is not just bullion, but it actually has numismatic value, the numismatic value comes from the date how old, comes from the condition, and by the way, the how old and the condition is through the grade. So you’ve got ANA, American Numismatic Association. You have the PCGS.
The bottom-line is these graded coins have a lot more value. Not only the intrinsic value which is one once of goal weight so much. The pending on the grade of the coin how old and the condition of it, it adds value to it. One you’re talking about numismatic coins and what does do, we sell address and phone numbers of people that buy this type of product. We’ve been in business 29 years, we have A+ rating, we get a dollar a piece $1,000 minimum, you buy 5,000, we drop down the 50 cents. Disconnect warm numbers idiot’s been debt for five years. By the way, that’s very very common. A lot of times when people die, the family doesn’t take the name of the flambe, it’s kinda like an honor when the male comes in debt, pause name is still on the flambe whatever. The important thing is that our list are scrubbed, not it gets doing that call unless you have a saint number, but I have 1.3 million, are you ready for this? Professional leader gaters.
These guys make a living by just putting their name on the do not call, buying a bunch throw away cell phones and busting your butt, and they can. They can make your life miserable, it’s nasty. If you don’t take my work for it, go to google and punch it DMC leader gaters, and maybe you’ll pay attention. If you don’t have a SAN number, I’ll show you how to get one. If you don’t wanna get a saint number, you’ll sign our indemnity form. We’ve been in business for 29 years, we have an A+ rating, and I’ll tell you what, you will be happy with this.
I’m a one man operation, I know what I’m doing, I have a lot of integrity, and most important of all, I’m an intelligent business man. I don’t want one check, I want the next check, the next check, the next check. So I gotta make it happy, and I only do win-win business. You wanna do business with me, call me, John Fisher, 561-239-0364, have a beautiful day.

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