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Hi. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to We’re gonna talk about gold investors. What’s a gold investor? It could be a person who buys bullion. It could be a person that buys the IRA, you know, bullion through the IRA. It could be a guy that’s buying the gold Eagles. It could be guys buying the Saint-Gaudens. It’s all the above. So when you’re looking for a gold investor, the question is: are they buying bullion, or are they buying numismatic coins, or are they buying numismatic coins/coins, you know, which is like the Silver Eagle. The Silver Eagle is a one-ounce coin, so if you’re looking for people that buy those types of coins or bullion, or whatever it is, we have ‘em. We have nothing but client lists. They are people that have purchased in the past. It could be a two, three, four, five years old. Most of our stuff are closed. We like to do that. We don’t want to ever sell something from a person who’s currently open. We don’t play there. So, if they’re out of business, we have ‘em, and the bottom line is they’re really good leads. And they’re specifically buyers, but not people requesting information; they have bought in the past.

So if you have any questions about gold investors, whether it’s bullion or numismatic coins, gimme a call- 561-239-0364. John Fischer. Thank you for your time, and God bless.


gold investors

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