Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to coinleads.com. Coin buyers. I mean most of you guys when you’re looking for leads, that’s not your favorite keyword. I’m looking for coin buyers, what do you get, or you say I’m looking for IRA gold or silver buyers, but the coin buyers are our fourth A. The majority of everything we have happens to be coin buyers. I could take you to a 2-dollar lead that has bought through like TV home shopping network type of scenario. I could give you a dollar lead where the guy did the same exact thing but it wasn’t a high-end coin, possibly not even a graded coin. I could take you to direct mail response radio TV 48,000 names that direct mail are crazy all coin buyers. I have at least 100,000 people that have bought coins. I get coin buyer leads. Those are 50 cents apiece. 2,000 minimum $1,000 minimum. I’ve got a couple of companies, especially one in California with 22,000 names that went out of business, in 2014. They have date stamps and timestamps, and you could actually see the price of the silver or gold on a chart when they bought it. It’s nice to have that kind of information where you can tell a guy back in 2014, that you may have purchased precious metals, I don’t know if you’ve sold them, or how much money you made but I’m giving you another buy signal right now. The markets are worrying bla bla bla. There’s nothing like a confirmed silver-gold buyer to talk about buying silver and gold. So if you have any kinda questions about coin buyers, is that the keyword? Coin buyer, I’m looking for a coin buyer, we have it. We have 1.3 million litigators, we scrub everybody against them for free. Those are the troublemakers that will go and sue you. They’ll actually call your business, leave a message, that number will be on the do not call, and then when you call them up, they got you by the balls and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ve seen cases with the judge rules in their favor. You gotta be really careful, you gotta tell your people hey, is there any phone calls ever come into the office. Be very very suspicious because if that number is not on the do not call, you got a problem. Let’s talk about the do not call. 240 million people right, it’s ridiculous. I don’t think it’s sustainable, but you know what, they try to make commission regulate your business, so you gotta make some decision. If you want to get scrubbed and you have a stand number, I’ll scrub for you. If you don’t have a stand number, I can get you one. You gotta pay for the area code the first five are free, or we could go with an indemnity form where you say no, I’m not gonna do anything with the do not call and you indemnify my people and myself. A lot of people do that. Again, it’s just not sustainable. I do have the litigators we talked about, we take care of those those people. Again, if what you’re looking for is a coin buyer, every one of our leads meets that criteria including our accredited investor. If you have any questions, feel free to call me, at 561-239-0364.

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