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Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to I wanna talk about accredited investors. And, I gotta tell ya that before, maybe in the last two or three years, I had one particular coin customer. He was outta Minnesota, and I was exclusive with him; we pretty much had an arrangement. We broke up after seven years, but he built a ridiculous organization. Matter of fact, he had one whole floor, and then he built a second floor, and he only bought accredited investors. So, you know, instead of competing with all these other coin guys that are pretty much getting a hold of the same list- and I’m not saying they don’t work. Because the only client list that I’ve ever seen in the business that can be sold more than one time without hurting it, as long as you guys are diversifying, and offering different products, these people are collectors. They’ll buy anything from, you know, the 10 cent Indian or the Buffalo Gold, or the high relief Saint-Gaudens –I love those- the bottom line is the accredited investor is the right guy for ya. And, you know what? He’s got 25,000 minimum. He’s been vetted by a broker-dealer. He’s been mailed a private placement memorandum, and even though he wasn’t originally contacted for gold bullion or numismatic coins, they are absolutely those types a buyers.
So, if you wanna increase your universe of people to call, and you’re tired of competing with other people calling the same damn list over and over again, we currently, right now, don’t have anyone that’s actually buying accredited investors for the numismatic coins or the bullion. I’m telling ya: these guys all have IRAs. These guys all have at least a million net worth, not including their home. And, believe me, you’ll bore ‘em to death talking about one coin at 800 bucks. You talk a portfolio to the guy, or you talk collection, or you talk ten of something, and be somewhere around the opener- 10/15/$25,000. These people can afford it. Matter of fact, I’ve got these qualified, accredited investors. We call them Big Dogs; those are $5 apiece. Those guys are quarter-million minimum. So you put together a portfolio of 20/30 Saint-Gaudens, any kind of portfolio, or a bunch of 5, 10, 15, 20,000 ounces, or whatever, of silver, I’m gonna tell ya, these guys have the money, and they will absolutely buy it. If they’re buying something like an oil-and-gas investment where they’re gonna drill the hole in the ground, and maybe they’ll hit oil. And trust me, they hit a lot of dry holes, and they end up with a tax, you know, a tax write-off. I can tell you right now that there’s not many of these oil-and-gas type guys that don’t wanna have at least 2, 300 ounces of gold and maybe 5000 ounces of silver sitting in their safe. So, again, break outta your box, and think. The accredited investor has much more money. And I’m telling you, this guy in Minnesota that we did business for seven years, just him exclusively, we kicked butt with those types a leads.

You have any questions about accredited investors, call me- 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time, and God bless.

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