We offer the best coin and Precious Metal Leads in the business.

We Offer The Best Coin And Precious Metal Leads In The Business.

Providing our customers with the best gold, silver, numismatic coin, and precious metal leads.

Numismatic Coin Buyers

Hi Everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Coinleads.com. By the way, the guy in the background, he’s my It guy. That’s Sergio and we have small quarters, so unfortunately we got to work together. So if you see that hand going back and forth, that’s of the hand coinleads.com I’m going to talk about Numismatic Coin buyers, not even sure it’s a key word, but you know what, it’s relevant. My people, over 400,000 of them buy numismatic coins. So a numismatic coin, it’s pretty much a gold eagle, silver eagle, platinum eagle, and they sell in two ways.

It can be one, graded and of course, the price is more expensive, the rarity, the condition and so on. Or they just sell flat bullion, the numismatic coins. Usually what it means is that the actual coins have an intrinsic value on top of the actual grading of the coin, the rarity of the coin, the condition of the coin, and that’s where that numismatic word kicks in.

So whether your customers are buying gold eagles, silver eagles, just flat out a roll of five, a roll of ten, whatever it may be, or if they’re looking for graded coins where they have the Pcgs, NGC, whatever it is, Ms 70, Ms 69, or whatever, these are the type of leads that we sell.

The price is right, they’re $0.50 apiece, 2000 minimum. We go to 10,000, we drop to $0.40. But I’m not sure there’s anyone in the country that has a better selection of numismatic coin buyers than Coinleads.com.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me. John Fisher, 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day and God bless.

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