Gold and Silver Bullion Buyers

Everybody welcome to If you’re looking for gold and silver bullion buyers you’re at the right place. This is what we do, we buy. When we buy leads we find out okay so what was it that you saw in these people or what was it. It could be a company that went out of business, it could be a guy who’s closing up shop and he wants to sell his database. There’s many, many ways that we get a hold these databases. We don’t sell people that are in business right now, we wait for them to go out of business for obvious reasons, but believe me there’s enough databases out there where we could really give you a verifiable coin buyer and that’s what’s really, really important. So you know the bottom line is if you’re looking for a bullion gold, silver bullion buyer that’s what we sell and whether he’s buying the bullion straight out or he’s actually buying numismatic coins it’s not bullion but still it is an ounce of silver, ounce of gold, whatever it is come to us, dollar a piece, thousand dollar minimum. Any questions at all have a beautiful day and god bless.


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